Massage Mission

My massage mission is to promote happiness and well being. I specialize in medical massage, geared more toward injuries. If needed, I can orient treatment for basic relaxation of muscles.  Some modalities I use include Swedish, lomi-lomi,  acupressure, trigger points, myofascial release, reflexology, deep tissue, kinesio taping and others.  House calls are available, as well as appointments at our in-house studio.  

I have professionally performed massage for 9 yrs. My work history includes currently practicing with a physical therapy clinic for 2.5 yrs and treating active military and veterans for 4 yrs.  The latter included working at Tripler Army Hospital and Schofield Barracks in a pilot program using integrative medicine for soldiers coming back from deployment as well as veterans.  Currently, the programʻs success has enabled it to spread to clinics around the nation in all major military hospitals.  I have helped soldiers with PTSD, opiod dependency, and many other war-related injuries.

The most common injuries I have treated are lower back, neck and sciatica.  One of my favorite success stories is of a female Master Sgt. Major with bad sciatica to her left leg. She entered the clinic with a severe limp and walked very very slow.  After her second treatment, she was able to walk at her normal pace. Near the end of her 3-4 week treatment, she was able to run.  Because she was vigilant in taking care of her issue right away, she was able to heal fast. 

I feel privileged to help others improve the quality of their lives through massage, stretching and developing awareness of their physical being.